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Sacramento Cyclefest is a bicycle show and swap meet started in 2009 by Ted Florez, of the Chopaderos, and Mike Shaneyfelt, owner of Vintage Bicycle Supply. Cyclefest happens every 2nd Sunday of June at Freemont Park, in downtown Sacramento. It is open to bicycles of all kinds and is a family friendly event.

Cyclefest has grown from having 80 bicycle entries our first year to now approximately 150 entries. We have vendors from all over Northern California and the support of the local community. The show has been a gathering of old friends and a place where new bike minded friendships are made. We continue to maintain a positive, casual atmosphere that draws in people from all over the world.

The event kicks off with a pre show bike cruise the day before. The cruise started with approximately 40 people rolling through the streets of Sacramento and has now grown to over 500 riders supporting local bars and restaurants.

So grab your bike and just ride!

Ted Florez

Ted Florez is the co-founder of Sacramento Cyclefest. Ted grew up the youngest of 11 children and was notorious for taking bikes apart. Sometimes he figured out how to put them back together. He is currently the President of the Nomad chapter of the Chopaderos Bicycle club and  organizes Sacramento's Second Saturday bicycle rides. Ted has been actively involved in the Bicycle community and has been a mentor to many bike minded people. He previously served on the board for Sacramento Area Bicycle Association (SABA) and is currently involved with the Thanksgiving Appetite Enhancement Ride


Mike Shaneyfelt

Mike Shaneyfelt is the owner of Vintage Supply and co-founder of Sacramento Cyclefest. Mike and Vintage Bicycle Supply are leaders in Sacramento's growing bicycle scene. He organizes events including bicycle shows, swap meets and vintage rides throughout Northern California.

Vintage Bicycle Supply

1710 Broadway

Sacramento, CA 95818



Facebook: Vintage Bicycle Supply

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